Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Most Hedge Fund scandals would be avoided with proper due diligence performed by experienced managers.


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April 19, 2012: Death of a great investment counselor, Carl H. Otto

Updated: April 20, 2012

Due Diligence: Improper implementation monitoring

Investment skill is not enough to deliver value added. A skilled manager had forecast with positive IC. Unfortunately, his implementation was not monitored and resulted in significant negative impact. For example, the first month of the launch of a long-short version of his active strategy resulted in a 2% implementation shortfall (in one month!) which lead to a detailed inquiry. The manager realized that his trader was actively trading his trade list! The trader was deferring by weeks some buy & sell decisions and in many cases, never implementing some trades without telling the portfolio manager! The trader’s decision to cancel/defer some trades was mainly based on his technical views on those stocks.

A portfolio manager's sophisticated alpha forecast with positive IC was unknowingly replaced by a trader’s technical view with no measured IC!

Every steps of the investment process needs to be measured and monitored.

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Dominic Clermont, ASA, MBA, CFA

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