Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Most Hedge Fund scandals would be avoided with proper due diligence performed by experienced managers.


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April 19, 2012: Death of a great investment counselor, Carl H. Otto

Updated: April 20, 2012

Hedge Fund Fraud


There is so much to say on this topic. It is the one thing that investors are the most scared about. Are there more frauds in hedge funds compared to equity investments? There has been huge equity investment frauds like Enron in the US, YBM and Bre-X in Canada. Why is it that investors react so differently in hedge fund vs equities? Nevertheless, minimum due diligence should uncover most fraudulent activities. I will comment some of these here:

  1. Norshield
  2. Lancer Funds
  3. Madoff

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Dominic Clermont, ASA, MBA, CFA

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